Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of rain!

I woke up at 7! Hit snooze a couple of times and was out of bed and dressed in my padded butt bike shorts by 7:30! This is a major accomplishment for me because I do not like the morning. I do however have an extra 15 pounds that I do not like either. So, I set off on my ride through the back bay and I have to say it was exhillirating! 10 miles, a few hills and an almost run in with a man who had two dogs on long leashes and I finished in time to make it home and shower before work! i am addicted to my new road bike and the pain it casues in my thighs. Kristopher and I are planning some fun adventures on the bikes this summer but I have to train hard to keep up with him.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Its Been A While!

christmas tree lighting party! Our friends Chris and Eryck holding snickers and skittles in Liz and Darens fancy parlor room.
Childrens hospital of Orange County walk at disneyland!

This is a pic from the Getty Villa. One of my favorite museums here in so cal. I love it here! oh, the shaved head happened right after we got home from the honeymoon!

The view from the airport in sedona. If you havent been there its a must see place! Absoulutely breath taking! These are my girls Katrina, Mels and Chanel

I love this pic of the beautiful bride. I wish i had a full length one cuz her shoes were fabulous!

So, I have really been busy but I am going to blog a little more and do a little less facebook. Here are some pics from the last 10 months! These are from my maid of honor, Melissa's wedding. It was april in Sedona and it rained the whole day except for right before and after the ceremony!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

catching up

Here are some pics from the wedding, I am not extremely pleased with them but what can you do? . i chose some of these cuz i am such a ham and i take really bad photographs.

The wedding is finally over and things are getting back to normal. At home I am loving creating new dishes for my HUSBAND ( its still weird calling him that but i like it!) and he gladly eats everything. I am so thankful for the practice cooking I had growing up.

I have had a strange wave of nesting come over me, I want to get rid of all the junk in our house that I just move around and don't actually use. This task is going to take some real discipline because I rationalize keeping things.

At work things are great! October is the calm before the storm so I have a chance to get my life in order before I have really long days on my feet! I am so lucky to be doing something I love.

Speaking of something I love, BUMBLE AND BUMBLE!

They are re-launching their curl line and I am like a kid on Christmas day! I cant wait! My salon is hosting a network educator event and we are going to have a curly cutting demo fresh from the house of bumble in New York! Curls rock!

I am going to start blogging more. I find it interesting and I love reading my old friends blogs to keep up with their lives. Let me know how I do!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The cold!!

Rant: No, i am not talking about the weather. I have had a cold for three weeks now and it will not go away. Sleep=8-10 hours a night, vitamin c= tons, liqid= yes! Why can't my body heal? I refuse to pay a doctor to tell me I need antibiotics.

Rave: I am so stoked about this wedding thing! I was looking online at places to stay in Maui for the honeymoon and I asked Kristopher what was most important..(i.e. beach front, cottage, hot tubs, surfing)...his reply... the most important thing is that you're happy! I melted, i threw my arms around him and gave the germiest (not a word) kiss and hug. He makes me so happy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gift wrap

I got almost all of my shopping done and I decided to do the wrapping today. over the years i have purchased ten rolls of paper and have way too much stuff to choose from. the last two years i have decided to simplify and buy one roll of paper and really nice ribbon to wrap with. it is perfect. everyone knows which ones are from kristopher and i because they all look the same. I am so excited about christmas. it is my absolute favorite time of year!